Features of PULPUL Shampoo 

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~ Recommended for sensitive and dry skin ~

Dry scalp and damaged hair Prepare with beauty and moisturizing ingredients.

”Shampoo that can be washed with moisturizing PULPUL Shampoo”

カミツレ花エキス_カモミール_Chamomile flower
ツバキ種子油_Camellia seed oil

1,In addition to "amino acid-based" gentle cleaning ingredients,"amino acids" are blended as moisturizing ingredients

2,Deep Moist 6 kinds of extracts and 12 kinds of oils 

3,Alcohol-free, 2K glycyrrhizinate, Non-silicon

4,Made in Japan

5,Fragrance: Violet Vetiver

6,3,300Yen/200ml at the web shop in Japan

Development background

保湿シャンプーPULPUL 工場 写真

PULPUL's product concept is "moisturize the scalp, shine the hair" We have planned products for those who are vulnerable to rough skin, such as sensitive skin, dry skin, weak skin, and quick drying. Our president also has weak skin and is vulnerable to dryness and sweat. I often hear about not only dry skin, but also dry scalp and dry hair, so I wanted to create a shampoo that specializes in moisturizing. shampoo".


I didn't like the stickiness on my body when I rinsed off the conditioner. When I use PULPUL shampoo, I'm happy that my hair doesn't get dry after washing without using conditioner.

My scalp is always itchy after dyeing my hair. After using Palpal Shampoo, the itchiness caused by the shampoo disappeared. I would like to continue using it.

When I went to the beauty salon, I was surprised when they asked me, "Your hair is shiny. Did you change your shampoo?"

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